About Ewyas Lacy Study Group


The Ewyas Lacy Study Group was originally formed in 2006 by a group of local residents to collate historical documents and research relating to the area in southwest Herefordshire where we live. ELSG Founder Members were George Charnock, Tony Gray, Bob Steele and Nina Wedell, aided by professional web designer and consultant Paul Freeland to whom we are greatly indebted for his personal interest and close collaboration in the project.

The Group's aim was to provide the widest possible on-line access to records relating to the ancient Marcher Lordship of Ewyas Lacy as a focal area. This embraced a wide range of sources from primary documents contemporary with their content to research and commentaries, all providing a foundation for a comprehensive history. Over time, this scope has broadened to include a digital image archive of original documents and photographs from public and private collections, a video archive of local places, people and events, and an audio archive of interviews and discussions contributing to an oral history of the area.

The ELSG is an independent group whose members have considerable research experience and jointly manage the website, including the selection, layout and editing of material. The website is provided at our own expense on a strictly non-commercial basis as a freely available community resource.

New material is constantly being added in ongoing development of the website. We welcome external contributions in whatever form, including but not limited to:

-        privately held photographs or documents on loan for summary, transcription or inclusion in our Digital Archive

-        records and observations about landscape features, place names, properties, family histories or local traditions

-        original research papers or commentaries on any aspects of local history

-        newspaper cuttings, diaries and ‘scrap books’

-        references to relevant publications in other libraries or archives

-        information on the whereabouts of primary documents not yet recorded

-        video or audio recordings relating to local affairs.


We hope the ELSG website will continue to grow with participation in the local community and beyond to promote our shared ambition to make our local history more visible and accessible to all.